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At a respectable height of 3600 ft in Offshoot of Shivalik Range Hills, Morni Hills, in Distt. Panchkula is the Only Hill Station in Haryana.

The city of gardens Morni Hills is the paradise for life enthausiast. One can commonly see Jackal, Sambhar, Langur etc. and Many Bird species not even visible in cities !

Bara Taal

Tikkar Taal is a place which boasts of Two Natural Lakes- Bara & Chhota Taal. One can enjoy Boating here with a splendid view of Lush Green Mountains on all sides which is almost perfect for rejuvenating you Body.

Tikkar Waterfall

Tikkar Waterfall is a seasonal Waterfall which flows July onwards till March. One can have a Good Trek to reach the Waterfall. It is Located on the Hilltop just opposite the Bara Taal. It's perfectly refreshing to take a splash in the water.

Thakur Dwar Temple

Morni Hills can be a perfect gateway for religious people, as it's an abode to a beautiful temple called Thakur Dwar. The Temple is located on the Bank of Chhota Taal. The Temple dates back to the time of Pandvas, they visited the place during their time of exile. The sacredness of the temple engulfs the misty hill station and turns the perfect chaste. Many Ancient stone sculptures are found here.

Adventure Park

Toboost the tourism in Tikkar Taal, an Adventure Park is established here. It offers a vast array of options to all the adrenaline junkies. In fact, small swings are available for Kids. The entry fees is Rs.50/- for an adult, and you can have a good time here.

Morni Fort

Morni Fort can appeal to History lovers as well. A gigantic fort is sprawled at the top of the Morni Hills which gives a wide view of Morni Town. It was built in the 17th Centuary and named after Queen Morni. The fort has been restored for the tourists but it has not lost it's ancient essence. Lot's of greenery spread across and peacefulness to the ambience.

samlasan devi
Samlasan Devi

Samlotha Vali, in village Samlotha 10Km from Morni Town is the place where Goddess Durga stopped after slaying Demon brothers Shumbh and Nishumbh. The Original Temple was built by the Pandvas.