Tikkar Taal, in the hills of  Morni Hills, Panchkula, 2000 feet above sea level, just 40 Km from Chandigarh/ Panchkula railway station, is the only place in Haryana,  with two natural water Lakes, one is more than 50 feet deep, popular of Boating & Adventure Park and the other having an old Pandava Temple, called THAKUR DWAR, way back to 10th Century, was built by Pandavaas while in exile,  in gratitude to Lord Shiva for sparing their lives, as except Yudhishtra all the Pandavas had died near this Lake for ignoring the warning of YAKSHA,  the Crane, the Guardian of this Lake. The story is known by name of YAKSHA PRASHNA ( 20 questions/ prashnas were  asked by YAKSHA to Yudhishtra near this lake)

                    Yudhishtra answered all the witty questions of YAKSHA Impressed by this Vicious Answer the Spirit restored his dead brothers to life.

  The lake is also called the Lake of Death.

The most quoted answer by Yudhishtra was “ THE MOST WONDER FUL THING IN WORLD IS THAT ALTHOGH PEOPLE DIE ALL THE TIME YET ONE EXPECTS TO LIVE FOREVER”.  Click on the Link below for complete story : https://youtu.be/dUrFzt3l81s

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